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About Kaden J

At Kaden J Designs is a family owned business, where we have fun designing our fabulous products for you.  We offer custom designed drinking glases with Swarovski Crystals and Door Knob Covers with crystals that add sparkle and elegence in every room for every setting. Our products are great for everyone, of all ages.  


Our mission at Kaden J Designs is for you to Be Fabulous With Every Sip. Drink in Luxury and turn in style!

Check out our Door Knob Covers (D.K.C.)

Kaden J Designs are created with a passion that demands skilled craftsmanship.  We use the most exclusive Swarovski crystals on our glasses to create finely worked small and not-so-small masterpirces of art according to your won preference.





At Kaden J Designs we offer a service that will add luxury and bling to any lifestyle.  From our Signature glasses to our door knob covers, anything is possible with crystals...

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